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01-06-2008, 01:47 AM
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After a very, let's say frustrating, West Canadian trip could it be possible that we have a serious discipline problem?
-Hossa's 2 offensive zone penalties (I beleive it was vs. VAN)
-Jagr's lazy penalty tonite (I believe he had one vs. VAN too)
-Hollywood's hit from behind (Call it what you want, but why would you put yourself in that position to be called for a penalty at the end of the 3rd like that?)
-After obviously becoming a target in the CAL/VAN game by the refs, tonight Avery decides to (it wasn't on the PK was it?) go through a ref to go after a guy, again late in the 3rd and down 1
-Malik's game, all the time

I'm using tonight/recent games just for ease of remebering, but stuff like this has been happenening all season. Does this team have discilpine problem, or could the players be getting frustrated? Maybe it's me, but I've been catching myself yelling at the TV "Why would you do that?" often this season. I've also heard a lot of talk about the refs lately. We all know the refs have been brutal at points this season, but is it ALWAYS their fault? Is it at all possible that we bring it upon ourselves? I think so, I think it has a large amount to do with it.

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