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01-06-2008, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
If I'm Sather, here's what I do:

Resign and apologize to the fans of NY for being the worst GM in the NHL since his arrival.

For years we were unable to even reach the playoffs. Then we were told that our farm system is the envy of the league. As all of the young guys, one by one, prove to be overhyped garbage - besides Staal and Lundqvist - and it becomes more apparent hat his stint here is an utter disaster.

I still hope that Girardi recaptures his abilities of last year which would give us 3 good NHL players out of the hordes he has drafted.

It is amazing that he hasn't drafted an NHL impact forward in all of these years.

Maybe after the punching bag Malik is no longer here it will become apparent to those that believe that Malik is somehow a focal point of what ails the Rangers. Nah, the masses will find a new punching bag, probably Renney.

Girardi was undrafted

I do get your point though, however, I do not think that Slats is entirely to blame for the duds of first round picks we've had over the years. It all starts with scouting, and if the scouting reports the Gm receives are faulty and unreliable, then there is a great chance that draft picks may turn out to be garbage.

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