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01-06-2008, 01:15 PM
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Skates too tight at toes

I purchased a pair of Bauer Vapor 12's last year. They were never worn, and got a decent deal on them. I had them baked, and wore them for probably 5-6 games last year, and a couple public skates this year. However, my small toes feel like they are crushed in the skates. I thought this would go away upon breaking them in, but it hasn't. I've heard of something called "punching" to stretch the skate near the toes, has anyone done this? I assume it's just a metal rod or something that they put in there? I'm a bit worried it might stretch the boot out so that it's not longer really tight around my feet, so I'm just looking for any experience anyone has had, or suggestions how to remedy this problem.

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