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01-07-2008, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
I was about to ring you up and give you the run-down about how inconsistent Vokoun was in his last two seasons here, about how we'd go through stretches of winning games in spite of Vokoun, not because of him...but then I saw you were from Nashville. You should know that already. Vokoun wasn't a "top-tier" goaltender for quite some time. People having a nifty chant involving his name doesn't make it so.
I disagree with that.

Of course Vokoun had some bad games, and maybe rushed back too soon. But that's par for the course for many good goalies. They think they are the best option so they want to play.

I checked his save percentage and shutouts the past two years. His numbers for a SEASON (not a few "I remember when he had some bad games" stretches) are just as good as at any other time in his career. .919 and .920 the last two years with around 65 (?) and 45(?) games played.

Yeah, us fans were wondering "what's wrong with Vokoun" a few times the last couple years because he wasn't standing on his head and bailing us out of games like our selective memories thought he could do EVERY game. But the season numbers show a high quality performance.

I thought those complaining about Vouky pushing to get back in the lineup were a bit wrong. He knew he was the guy we needed, and anybody worth his salt is going to try to get back in. I doubt it was fear of losing his job.

This season, where Vokoun is still on form (Surprise, he's had a few bad stretches, and still has a season save percentage right where it usually is, which is good.) and Mason isn't, may show that Vokoun was correct about who needed to be in the lineup when he was coming off injury.

I suspect that much of the whining about lockerroom issues came from those who really aren't good enough players to ever get star treatment so it burns them. We don't have any big stars this year, so no whining. I guess when Rads has a breakout year then he'll be the one with the bad attitude all of a sudden.

Not saying that Vokoun didn't sometimes say the wrong things. But many players who are competitive make mistakes at times. As far as I'm concerned, he looked back from his health issues, and I was looking forward to having him this year. Alas. Thank gosh for Ellis. He's not great but at least he's good enough.

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