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04-09-2004, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by caper
There is just something about Montreal that always will scare me........ I will not count them out, until they are down for the count.

Funny thing is that my grandmother (who would greatly enjoy this series if she were still with us)....absolutely loved the city of Montreal. She had family there and loved to visit........and said that she would have loved to move there.........but she (for some reason) absolutely hated the Habs ........and she got to me at a young age, and made me a Bruins fan. Some of my best memories are of when I was just a kid, and would watch Hockey Night in Canada with my grandmother (a Bruins fan), my dad (a Rangers fan), and my uncle (a devoted Habs fan) the arguements........all good natured of course. My grandmother was a very kind woman, and would not curse, or say anything bad about people.........but when the Habs would beat her Bruins (as they unfortunately did quite often)....the curses that would come out of her .

So as you can dislike of the Habs (I don't hate em........err...well maybe sometime ) nothing personal...........I was just brought up that way.

say what you want ... if Thédore plays the same way you're going to win this series in 4 games

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