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04-09-2004, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
Pretty bold. A 27 year old who has already won a vezina and a hart... that's not ordinary, the team in front of him is. The same people who crap on him for "weak" goals don't bat an eye when he makes an amazing save, because he's supposed to make those too. If a team like Vancouver, Detroit, TBay, or Philly got Theo tomorrow they'd be dancing naked in the streets with glee, "weak" goals or not. I'll go against Public Enemy and suggest that you should... should, should, should believe the hype (it's the sequel, as an equal can I get this through to you? .
Though those teams would also dance naked if they could get Garon as well. But because what you said about how ordinary the team in front of him his, that's why we expect so much of him or at least to make that save at that moment of the game, at that moment of that series. That same fluke in a regular season or in any other situation would've been much less critical.

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