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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
As for the Fang Finger, it is probably the worst idea anyone could have ever came up with. It somewhat made sense (although still stupid) with the foam fingers that they once gave out, but to try to get people to do it with actual fingers is laughable. I don't know who cooked that up but man were they reaching...
I had a pair of season tix down low for the first three years. I HATED the fang finger.

I wouldn't do it. A neighbor asked me why. I said "it's really stupid". And he said "yeah, but the little kids like it". So I finally began joining in.

Talk about a weak effort at trying to manufacture a "tradition".

Whoooohoooo! Yeah! We're all rocking and rolling because we just drew a key penalty! Then the announcer intones "fannng fingerrrrs..." and some of the joy is just sucked out. If you have to tell the fans what to do it's not that great. The fans know what to do now but it's still weak. Oh well. Some fans have told me that they think precisely because it is so stupid that it does annoy the opposing team. Maybe they're right and I'm all wet.

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