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01-08-2008, 09:06 AM
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Sammy, this piece about the (lack of) ceremony on the anniversary is not a feature in the FGs and HBs. In the feature I don't criticize the team--a family member of one of those killed does, likewise a player badly injured in the crash. In fact the coach and general manager wanted to do more and was shut down by ownership. I really don't care to discuss this too much more--evidently my unforgiveable sins was to come from Toronto, a point much emphasized in local coverage--it's not exactly xeniophobia, but pathetic nonetheless. Putting the "small" in small-town. That I spent a good stretch of time in Swift Current and talked to as many principals as I could did not inoculate me. I came to SC with the presumption that there would be a significant marking of the 20th anniversary of the crash. Had no idea there wouldn't be nothing more than a moment of silence. I don't judge, I just report. I think I'll leave it at that.

And since this I-find-it-rich troll has brought it up, I'll have to type in what I deleted earlier. Yes, the letter writer is married to the brother of one of the deceased--and her husband draws a paycheque from a team in the WHL. The WHL and the Broncos were named in a civil suit by families of two of the deceased (though not the Krugers). A court did not clear the team or the league--the clock ran out on the case. That she would see things the team's and the league's way should surprise no one. That the local paper see things the Broncos' way and would attack me personally is no surprise either--team ownership represents a lot of local businessmen/advertisers.

And Ti-girl, Helm is a helluva player. I had a couple of grafs about him at the Mem Cup but had to delete it for space.

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