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04-10-2004, 05:07 AM
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For a weak Montreal team that finished 7th, there sure are some really high expectations. It's either 16 straight victories or the whiners come out and start bashing anyone in a Habs uniform.

On another note, I'm very diappointed in two posters in particular: ax bx + C and FSU. All season long when Theodore would have a bad game they'd show up and rub in everyone's face. Yet, when the team and Theodore were winning, they were nowhere to be found; no posts about Theodore and no posts at all. I'm 100% positive that you 2 are aware of the fact that you're irritating the vast majority of the board, and I'm curious as to why you have to continue to PUSH your opinion in everyone's face. I can't count how many posts you have dedicated to bashing Theodore.

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