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01-08-2008, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by lugnut76 View Post
Eklund is in the rumor business not the sports journalist business, therefore we can't expect accuracy (I also don't think he asks for us to buy into him as a legitimate journalist), but we can expect interesting thoughts and dialogue, which this rumor creates.

With that said, I think the above quote is more insane than the rumor Eklund presented. If his interests were to increase hits and subcriptions then why attach a non-traditional (Nashville) hockey market to the rumor? If you are simply making something up, why not pick one of the big boys (Detroit, Philly, Toronto, etc). Surely they would have more interest in such a fraud than a market like Nashville.

I don't know if this lends anymore credability to his rumor. I doubt there is much to go on, but remember he is reporting a RUMOR. Maybe the sides have talked maybe not, but Caps fans need to check their expectations and step back from the ledge.
As for the market thing, it still generates a huge buzz around the league if a star player is involved, regardless of the market.

Your point would be valid if it was a rumor involving a 4th line player moving from one market to a small market like Nashville, which he obviously would not use to generate hits.

However, a star player moving to any market is likely to generate hits from around the league, not just the markets involved.

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