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Originally Posted by RE-HABS
Are you a Leaf fan???

And no that isn't a safe assumption on your part. Lets say in the future they do fire Julien (lets face it coaches are hired to be fired) and a better coach like Quenville or Robinson is available they would be choosen over Jarvis who has only head coaching experience in the Minors this year and numerous years of assistant coaching in the NHL.

But Robinson is a winner, Joel Q is a coach who has rebuilt a team in St.Louis. Jarvis isn't head coach material in my mind, he is a defensive stratagist and would be a great assistant.

If anything the nbext coach of the Habs is Larry Robinson, another Gainey buddy with Jarvis coming in to aid him along with an offesive minded assistant coach.

I think Julien would be better off if Ganiey gets rid of Green and Charron so Julien can bring in his own assistants. That is a problem too, they have fired the past head coach but kept the same assistants, let Julien bring in his men to teach his system. If it doesn't work, hten you look elsewhere...your speculating waaaaayyyyy too early.

Yes I'm a Leafs fan. But my good friends and lots of family are Habs fans. I also live in Hamilton and watch a lot of Bulldogs games. I saw Ryder live alot last year and he is awesome and will be for a long time. No one works harder than this guy.

I don't know how much you follow the Habs prospects but man do they ever look good!!!

Trust me, Gainey will just not hire just anybody to coach the Habs. With Gainey it's all about his system. Jarvis is the next up and coming coach in the NHL. There are great coaches and excellent coaches. He is an excellent coach.

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