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01-08-2008, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by God Bless Canada View Post
That last idea is even worse. It punishes players who played at a really high level in the game's early years, when teams played 20-45 games per season. It also punishes guys who kept their amateur status during the game's early years. I thought it was great that doctordark picked Scotty Davidson in the main draft. Under your eligibility, Davidson wouldn't be eligible.

If you don't include the playoffs in the 200-game criteria, then arguably the best defenceman available isn't eligible.
Reread his post. ACTIVE players must have 200 games played (so that bro doesn't try to Toews us). Unless there is evidence that Dickie Boon is planning on making a comeback (first to life, then to the NHL), then he's still eligible as a pre-Iron Age player. You can still pick those players, they just don't count towards the requirement to have a post-2000 player.

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