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01-09-2008, 11:31 AM
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Does the 200 games rule was...
- At the start of the year?
- At the start of the draft?
- At the moment the player is drafted?

I can think of a few guys who could only fit the third category at a certain point of the draft.

And does the 200 games played concerns goaltenders as well? I can think of one worthy guy (who was drafted in ATD 7 for Christ sakes...) who did not play 200 games, whether they are NHL, pro, or even adjusted-to-82 games-a-year-NHL AND PRO. (the guy had a short career).

Heck, I think (and too lazy to watch now) that there are at least one AST goalie who did not reached the 200-games mark... And what is Pro...? I mean.... Cristobal Huet could be voided on the 200-games basis depending what is considered pro.

EDIT : Forget about the retired player, and my not-so-subtle comment about LL's 3rd stringer in ATD-7, and the one about a former Hawks netminder as well. But the comment remain for the goaltender as well. Not that I thought about selected Huet to begin with, but I still think he's a better pick than AT LEAST one guy we (me and EB) drafted in MLD 7.

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