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04-10-2004, 05:15 PM
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I think the point that is being forgotten in all the debate is that this team is going to lose next year pretty much no matter what. And when they lose, people are going to Boo. What it comes down to is this:

If you're gonna lose, and they're gonna boo, you might as well make something positive come out of it. I don't think after 7 years the fans are suddenly going to run for the hills when a young team hits the ice.

However, I do believe rebuilding has to be done right with this team. NY fans for all of their stereotype have been exposed to perhaps the most mediocre teams in all of sports, with the exception of the Yankees.

Fans will sit through a rebuilding if it is done right. The casual fan will boo, but do you run a franchise to make people cheer or do you run it to give them a winner. In the end, the Rangers have to rebuild and the structure of a new labor agreement might limit their options to sign. Having said that the past 7 years have made people VERY tired of the same old Rangers.

For me what was REALLY disappointing was the play of some of the vets down the stretch. Dunham and McCarthy and McAllister come to mind as guys who had no interest of breaking a sweat. THAT is exactly what I don't want to see anymore. Fans are willing to rebuild, so long as we don't pull a Milbury and trade for the newest, shinest prospect to become available.

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