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04-10-2004, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by sonnytheman
Yep, we've got some great fans, alright.....

I just wanna know, do you guys not watch the games? The Habs outshot, outhit, outchanced and just completely outplayed the Bruins yesterday! Did you know that the shots were 12-2 in the 2nd period for the Habs?

One thing that most of you have to realize is that a series is not over until the players are shaking hands.

How quickly we forget Minnesota coming back from TWO 3-1 deficits last year, or Los Angeles winning 4 straight off Detroit a few years back after going down 2-0, or, back in the late '90s, how the Habs took a 2-0 lead against the Rangers on the road, were coming back home where they had one of the best records in the league, and managed to lose 4 straight.

Nothing is over.....and for one, I am quite pleased with the series so far. Everyone felt that the goaltending was what would keep us in games, but its our skaters that are outplaying theirs. There is a lot to like.

It is clear by now that the Habs cannot compete with Boston. With no particular reason in mind, the Habs are just too small up front, are not using their speed consistently, are not prepared (for the most part) to take a hit to make a play, are not prepared to take abuse in front of the net to disturb Raycroft (Zednik did a bit last night). I wonder if Bowman were coaching what he would do differently? One thing I could see would be to take Rivet or Komisarek and shove them in front of the net on the powerplay provided the Habs could get control of the puck from their dump and chase system. Theodore was weak on Bergeron's goal but you can't blame him when the guys in front of him have only managed one goal in two games and there was trafffic in front of him since the start of the series.

The Habs dominated the Bruins for extended stretches last night. While I disagree with him about the not being able to compete with the Bruins, I do agree with the PP analysis. The Habs have to get someone in front of Raycroft on the PP. Ottawa uses Chara and the 'Nucks are using Bertuzzi (or did so last night) so why not the Habs. Who to use?

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