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01-10-2008, 10:26 AM
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some nice metal from Finland..

I can see that you have some nice music here already. Here is some other nice ****, from Finland of course.

Ensiferum is some kind of Viking / Folk metal band. They have three full leangth album out there already, and a live-dvd. Probably the best band in the genre.

From their latest Victory Songs

From their album Iron

Turisas is pure Viking metal, and they are also very good. Their cover of Boney M's Rasputin is legendary.

Wintersun is a solo project from the former Ensiferum vocalist Jari Mäenpää. A quote from wikipedia will do: "The band plays a range of genres that is often hard to define into one style, those being; extreme power metal, folk metal, progressive metal, melodic death metal and melodic black metal". A new album, Time, is going to be realesed this year I think.

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