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04-10-2004, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by TimothyR
You got me there. I donít know anything at all about basketball. Honestly, those guys donít follow the NBA. They are very big into college, but not pro basketball. I also donít know anything about football. How do their playoffs work? The only sport I know is hockey.

But, since you brought up another league as an example, let me use your argument to bring up baseball. I admit that I donít know crap about baseball either. But, I counted the Cardinalís schedule. They play 162 games. In hockey, with four rounds of seven games each, that equals a possible 28 games. Out of an 82 game schedule, 28 games equals just over one third of the length of the regular season. ONE THIRD. I looked up last yearís baseball playoffs and it looks like they have three rounds of 5 Ė 7 Ė 7 games. Please correct me if Iím wrong. That is 19 games out of a 162 game schedule. Going by hockeyís ratio, they would be playing about 55 games instead of 19. Quite a difference there.
You can't really compare Baseball and Hockey. Baseball is a lot less labour intensive than Hockey is. It's basically like comparing Rugby and Golf.

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