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04-10-2004, 11:35 PM
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So is this guessing time for us simple folks? Hmmmm... did Theodore say, 'I knew things were going to go wrong ehwn I left my iron on!' or did he say, 'OK Mr. Left-goal post. You are right. I will wear those underpants from last playoffs next game!'

Knowing Roy, I'd say Theo's comment was probably more leaning to the effect of the second one.

No, seriously. I'm glad that we have someone from our last cup still playing on the team, and it seems that Brisebois, like Darz and myself, actually believes the Canadiens will win the cup this season. The cup is not half empty, or half full, the cup is simply full.

OK, I'm starting to ramble on about nothing again. I need some more Matza. Go habs go. Let's aim for the cup!

Lafleur is saying untillegible words too right now!

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