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01-11-2008, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Jagr...1 month away from being 36 years old...

-Are some of us really expecting him to keep playing like he did in his prime?

-Are some of us really crying over the fact he is terrible at defense and takes a bad penalty when somehow, HE is the first FORWARD to come back on a PP or ES?

-Are some of use really crying over the fact he is "me, me, me" when he comes out to the media and says he wants rookie Dubinsky on his line, despite not getting any points with him?

-Are people really booing the man who carried the team the last 2 years in points to the playoffs?

-Are people really booing the man that they were chanting "MVP!" 2 years ago?

-Once again, do people not understand that as players get older, they become less effective as they were in their prime?

-Do people realize that a offensive froward, they key on OFFENSE...not the defense? Their specialty is offense...and they are better offensively then 95% of the league...thus they should be focusing on that more then anything.

-Jagr has 17 points in the last 14 games.

Just a few questions I sent out to the Ranger fans who boo him and don't want him on the team anymore.

Please, answer this...why is he hurting the team more then helping it? He was never brought to the team for his defensive ability...
Its just someone to take the frusteration out on man. Im sure Jaromir as the captain knows that he has more responsibility than any other player for the way the team does. He gets boo'd and im sure it really bothers him, he knows its his team. Im not condoning booing the guy, but im not saying its completely out of line either. Thats how it goes in NY, every player knows that. It may be the reason jagr held off on wanting the C for a season too.

Basically if a team is playing like crap, the way we are...the captain gets the most pressure, ESPECIALLY in NY.

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