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04-11-2004, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by CuSa_1
Unfortunately there aren't many true hockey fans, and to those who aren't it is a tedious way to end a boring sport's year. *** em!
Crack me up. There are just some pure hockey fans who can actually think for themselves and who are more concerned with the quality of the sport rather than the quantity.

As far as intensity. You must be right. There must be no intensity in football playoffs since they play only one game rounds instead of a series. All those painted faces I see paint them that way just to pass the boring time. Right. I guess we need to explain to them what a first down is since they obviously donít know. How can they? They donít play seven game series. There is no way that any of them can understand the finer points of that sport.

Also, I can see that you think there is so little intensity in pennant races and baseball playoffs since they play fewer games. Yep, all those poor little bored Cardinal fans that put on red because they are so bored. Poor little fans. If only they had three times the playoff games. Then they could actually understand they importance of a sacrifice fly or a suicide squeeze bunt. But alas. Without a playoffs that last until late November, none of them can ever hope to understand the finer points of baseball. Poor, poor fans. Never can they ever hope to understand the sport that they love.

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