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01-11-2008, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Finnerican View Post
I was at my game last night and we were playing this actually decent team, they have a phenominal goalie and a 6'6" defender who is fantastic. I was in the offensive zone trying to screen the goalie and out of nowhere this tank comes crushing me down to the ice, I didn't have the puck, I wasn't getting the puck, and this guy who's probably 250lbs comes from the side and lays me out flat. I have a terrible back and the first thing I felt trying to get up was where I tore it a while ago. It was stiff and it stung. I think I may have done something to it again because it's really tight and I cant walk without limping. I'm puting ice on it but is there anything else I should do (I'm getting it massaged alot too)?

I've had back problems alot before, but now it's not surgical... it's just sore so I just need some remedies that works. I'll probably miss 5-10 games now too. I'm gonna coach.
might not be the answer you want, but Yoga is saving me a ton of trouble. Best thing I've ever taken up.

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