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01-11-2008, 07:22 PM
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Met Gomez last night

Had the pleasure of not only meeting Scott Gomez last night but also spoke with him for a while about the current state of the team. He stopped and took the time to shake our hands. After a quick greeting I went right into it with him.

My brother asked him, what he though was the biggest problem right now.

He responded by saying that "penalties are killing them, and they are taking bad penalties at inopportune times" He commented that when he was a Dev, and someone took a bad penalty like that, they would lose a shift or two or possible worse" Said that on the Rangers "they don't discipline like that, but Renney should"

He had a gash on his nose also, I asked how he got it...he said something like "ah, it's nothing!"

I said that it looks like overall the team comes out skating well, but then goes into lapses where nobody seems to hustle. He replied that yes they are skating well but..."the horses need to be on the ice when the game is on the line" I said yeah it is surprising to me that the 4th line has been put on the ice when the team is down late in the 3rd. He said the "4th line does a tremendous job, but...late in the game you need to have the horses on the ice" He also said some changes will be made shortly...Now I didn't know if he meant that would be some sort of line schuffling, or a trade, or someone getting shipped to Hartford? The topic changed to Alaska, and fishing and that was all the hockey talk we had, but I was surprised that some of his comments especially about the discipline thing. Glad he wasn't giving the politically correct answers.

All in all a real genuine guy, and I am glad I got to meet him and shoot the sheet with him for a little while.

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