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04-11-2004, 11:57 AM
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Well, I'm not really sure I know many of you well enough yet to nominate for all the awards listed and, like McPhee, I will forget to mention lots of you due to my failing grey cells. Oh and thanks for the nominations above - it's an honour!

Calder Trophy: if jl.roberts still qualifies then it's a toss-up between him and Catala. The Game-day threads on our boards are some of the greatest. The fact that we have a "system" in place between the two of them would make CJ blush with joy. ALso, Catala's work on the 2004 leagues should not be forgotten.

Bill Masterton (Poster who dedicated the most time to HF boards): montreal (for obvious reasons) and necrophile for his selfless work on the betting threads (they let us get a bit of fun even when the Habs lost.

Lady Byng (Best non-habs poster): Gee Wally springs to mind but I know I'm forgetting someone.

Homer of the Year: The general consensus is Darz, but I think this has to go to Prabby. I know, he pretends to jump ship and be negative all the time (e.g. predicting we lose every game) but this is more a self-defense mechanism to mask his latent homerism, not unlike Johnny Vanquished's secret love of us.

Best Troll : Johnny Vanquished by a country mile with Bruins Girl right behind him. The fact that they both speak french () just clinches it.
HM: Fan - What exactly is he a fan of? No one knows, but it's obviously not the Habs.

Best Flamer (You know what i'm talking about!): There are too many to mention. Mike8 or Shootout come to mind for recent roastings.

Best Referee (Top Moderator): Saku K - hands off approach and is always fair. But the same could be said for all three. HM to Gee Wally for his work on the B's board and occasionally here.

Hart Trophy (Most valuable poster): This is the toughest because, like McPhee said, it depends on why you come here. Guy! gets my respect not only for his fairness, but also for his humourous, well-written and informed post-game analyses. montreal is also mvp worthy just for calming me down about the future of the team. Mcphee is also up there for calmly keeping things on course when arguments start to get heated. When he leaves a thread, it's usually a good sign that things are about to go downhill.

Best Avatar (before the playoffs started! ): I've always been partial to the Jesus with the Habs logo (can't recall whose this is) and Dutchy's for the unflagging enthusiasm it exudes for Holland.

Funniest Post: I'd go with Shootout, Habs, Brisebois and McPhee for general consistency in this department. It's funny how often on these boards people see what is obviously humour as a direct attack on themselves.

Anyway, congrats to everyone for a great season and I hope I'm still able to be around for next year.
P.S. If I've forgotten you, please feel free to flame me below.

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