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01-12-2008, 12:35 AM
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You absolutely, positively should not be doing ANY static stretches before skating. The best thing possible is for you to warm up your body by running, biking, stairclimbing...whatever for 5 minutes. Then, use dynamic stretching. This is active stretching and it will help put your body in positions (stretching) that you will later use (working out/playing).

Off the top of my head, there's an active Hamstring stretch, standing Glute stretch, active adductor stretch, and IT band stretch.

The inner thigh, groin area is the adductor. You use this muscle a ton when you skate. Things like crossovers, etc stress this area tremendously. I'd say you could possibly have a muscular imbalance. Something could be tight at the hip joint. Otherwise, if its a strain, tear you playing hockey frequently is not gonna let it heal and/or take the pain away.

I just searched real quickly and this looks like a reliable source. If you can, get that stretching rope, wrap it around each leg and draw it away from the midline of the body. Since adduction contraction is towards the midline of the body, to make the muscle relax you have to go in the opposite direction and contract its antagonist.

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