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04-11-2004, 02:39 PM
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I think "kingsjohn" mentioned to everyone not to throw trades in there, but it looks like everybody jumped ship! So anyways i'll follow suit on what I would do top to bottom.

First i'd get rid of the coaching staff, and start interviewing right away for other coach's. Quenville, Keenan, Nolan, Francis.etc...
I believe in systems and hard work, but our brass seems to have lost the plot. Our special teams we're a nightmare, and this season and last became systems over talent........and simply you need both. Also, enforcers are needed.....AT ALL TIMES! 60% of our injuries could be reduced if this was the case. We've had a lot of freak injuries...yes.....but a lot we're also caused because of policing situations. AM simply does not believe in it....but this is the NHL, not International play.

Goaltending needs to be sorted. I get the feeling they're going to give Cecho one last shot since he's signed through next year. First fifteen games are crucial for this headcase....Personally i'd make a move for another Goaltender. (LUONGO IS NOT AVAILABLE)....Hopefully, Tampa gets wiped out by the Isle, which will then make Khabibulin available. But stakes will be high because Vancouver will finally be over and done with Cloutier.

Defense. Let Modry walk! Trade Miller at all costs, even if you have to eat a million a year. He's heavily overrated, and most fans are in denial about this guy. He blows in my book. The core would be Matty, Lubo, Dempsey. Build around those three as they are all quick and agile, which seems to be the NHL today. Gleason, Rome, Grebs, Holland, Rullier, and Muir could all follow into the next three spots, but i'd still try to aquire two defenseman. Rivet or Gauthier would be my first option, with Belanger and a pick or prospect going the other way. Phaneuf is ready to make the jump next year, and was menacing at the championships, probably making Gauthier expendable. Rivet is another a-hole we need in the back. One of those two. Next would be either Zhitnik or Hamrlik. Hamrlik was sub-par all year, which could make him available for cheaper. Zhitnik has all the skills, and everyboby would love having him back............and he plays nasty too. Imagine him with either Vis or Grebs!

Forwards. You get rid of AM, and you get to keep a top five center in the league in Allison. Nobody knows what to believe anymore with the whole Allison situation....and he's really been made the bad guy in this whole situation. NONE OF US KNOW! If AM walks, I bet you he talks! Deadmarsh to me will retire because of injuries. Than all of a sudden a miracle occurs and he ends up with his best buddy in Colorado. Making him the bad guy! SIGN PALFFY!!!!!!!!!!! The people on this board going the other way with this guy are completely nuts! Ziggy is the only reason I spend so much money a year with these guys! He's *****ing amazing! I'd also get rid of Stumpel....he does things at snail pace! As for Carter "DO NOT" excercise his option at 2.8. Simply let him try out, and re-sign him to a lowball offer.........He'll stay believe me, or he'll end up in Analheim. He wants to be in LA at all bad his game doesn't translate!

As for the Primeau fans...........***** THAT! He's a locker room cancer......everywhere he's gone! My family owns an Italian Restaurant, and our wine and liquor distributor (saleman) is Bill Barber's cousin. His words we're simply "he's a *****ing assh*le! So no thanks! His play is overrated too!

My lines:

Frolov - Allison - Palffy
Luc - Straka - Cammy
Barney - Army - Klatt
Cowan/Flinn/Kanko - Avery - Lappy

Any combo:
Norstrom, Dempsey, Lubo, Zhitnik, Grebs, Gleason, Corvo, Rivet, Gauthier, Hamrlik

?????? (If filled, put Cecho on waivers or buy out contract)

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