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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
This actually concerns me somewhat. I know the NHL, and all sports leagues for that matter, let their owners run around unchecked, but I think a significant conflict of interest exists.

One of the primary expectations from the fanbase is that the owner will act in the best interests of the team so long as that act is reasonable. It's hard to argue that Leipold was really in a position to act in the best in the best interests of the franchise during his last several months as owner.

To add to that, those months in question saw roster turnover that involved signficant roster talent leaving the Predators for Eastern Conference teams. Short of trading these players to Minnesota, this is one of the easiest way to weaken a future opponent in relation to your future team.

Having said this, I don't think Leipold acted maliciously. But this looks bad for those who see how the scenario unfolded and certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I had not considered that but it is an interesting thought. Maybe since Leipold did exactly what Bettman wanted him to by backing out of the Balsillie deal and trying to keep the team in Nashville by selling to Freeman and co. they are just willing to look the other way figuring no one will ask any questions b/c its just Nashville and not one of our precious original six.

A lot of people view Nashville as somewhat of a pet project for Bettman and he does not want to see the team leave b/c that would say that he was wrong to put a team here to begin with and he does not want to lose anymore face than he already has the last couple of years.

If you were the CEO of a stock brokerage firm and you got rid of a lot of the most important people that had been responsible for your success and then left that firm and ended up at a competing firm within a month it would look awfully suspicious and there would probably be some kind of investigation ending with someone in jail. That being said I dont think Leipold set out with bad intentions and I think the league realizes that, but it sure doesnt look good.

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