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Originally Posted by HeaveHo94 View Post
What a bad idea... didn't they clean house 4 year ago. 4 god's sake have faith.
I did not suggest cleaning house, per say, retooling your team half way through when struggling is a good idea. Solidify your future, not sell it, to get into the playoffs.

I suggested trading a player who has no future in the NHL, let alone the Rangers, and a couple of guys the Rangers are shopping anyway.

I also suggested signing back a few of the current players to cheap short term deals, with exception to Lundqvist and Rozsival who should be sign long term to lessen their yearly cap hits.

All of the other players i suggested possess world class talent, and are young and cheap, and are attainable.

Fabian Brunnstrom is an undrafted free agent. Either we sign him, or someone like Detroit will, and we will miss out on a star.

Nikita Filatov has an insane pair of hands, world class offensive talent, yet, like Cherepanov, may drop in the draft to a position where the Rangers can make a deal to draft him. The fact that he, Cherepanov, and Anisimov have playing experience with eachother should only further entice the Rangers to make sure they do what is neccessary to draft him in June.

Other then that, i suggested a deal that has been rumored for more then a month at this point: the Prucha + for Klesla deal. Which would more solidify the defense. And give Sanguinetti a chance to compete for a spot in camp next year.

I never suggested a full on rebuild, but a retooling, EVERY team should always be looking to solidify their future and make their franchise better.

Fact is, they are in last place half way through the year, and on a 5 game losing streak to boot.

The Rangers lack depth in the forward positions as far as youth goes. Sure we have a few players who can be 4th liners, but beyond Cherepanov we don't have any future bonafied top 6 wingers. Anisimov is a future 2nd line center.

Fabian Brunnstrom would be a great pick up. And drafting Filatov would be so smart and make so much sense its uncanny. The fact he has a history of playing with our two young Russian studs, and playing well together mind you, is enough to draft him, nevermind his world class offensive skills.

I wan't Jagr and Straka to finish their careers in Blue, but the fact is they have to realize they can't be selfish. They have to be team players at this stage in their wealthy careers, and not handcuff a team so that it can't secure any future.

With departures of Malik, Mara, Avery, Shanahan that will free up cap space.

Jagr should NOT get more then 4 mil. Straka no more then 1.5, 2 MAX.

Lundqvist will get a contract length near DP. And this will help the Rangers year by year with the cap. And Rozsival will also ge ta long term deal so the yearly hit is lessened. This frees up the space needed to sign a free agent winger, and add the young players i suggested.

And when comparing the team i suggested to the team this year, the only major differences in no Shanahan, no Avery, No Malik and Mara.

Instead Hossa, Brunnstrom, Filatov, Cherepanov, Anisimov, Klesla, Sanguinetti...

I would say those are fair trade offs.

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