Thread: NCAA Signings?
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04-11-2004, 05:43 PM
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Junior maybe some what of a question mark in the NHL. As are lots of older college players. Compared to Sejna. Sejna is a talented young man. He plays well can score but needs to learn the game a little better. His D game and playing in smaller rinks. But with the option to go to the AHL the college prospects have to wait until they are very NHL ready before they can make the line up. I beileve 100% that guys like PM and Burns are not NHL ready, they may have surpassed juniors but not be ready to go all the way up. Lessard IMO would end up in the AHL. He has a great shot in the slot, plays hard, is a team player and a leader. Has all the tools to play the game. But if he is not getting PP time, and playing with other good players who are setting his one timer up properly he may get sent down for lack of production. It happens all the time. For example Roche was more ready than Schultz, but after three years in the pros vs 3 years in the AHL Schultz is now the better player.

On the wild Junior could be the guy opposite Gab on the pp that can one time it just as good. Some announcers have compared Junior's ability to let a shot go like Hull's although i see him more as a Taffe with a big heart.

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