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04-11-2004, 07:53 PM
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Oh my God, what a game. I almost cried as time expired. At midnight last night, I set out from Pittsburgh and arrived in Nashville at 10am. That grueling drive was well worth it.

I was getting fed up with the officials. Not just the calls they were making as every fan in America can find somiething to complain about regarding the officials, but for something else. For the first half of the game, every time there was a scrum, the refs would scold the Predator player involved in it. I noticed it after the first mini-scrum, and it just continued for another period. And what is up with calling goalie inteference only on the Preds? Now, I don't think either team has really committed much in the way of penalty worthy inteference (atleast in the playoffs), but let's get serious. The Wings spend much more time knocking around Vokoun than the Preds do Legace. And what about that two line pass call when we were shorthanded? Using the line judges call as a guide, every time a player beats out an icing, it would be a two-line pass.

I thought the officials made several boneheaded calls. There should have been a penalty shot awarded to the Preds after Chelios got smacked. The Wings trainer hit the ice almost a full second before the whistle. And why did they stop the play? I don't recall us losing possession. And why didn't a similar situation apply with regards to Hamhuis. That gave Whitney basically a breakaway. Unless the NHL has a direct rule regarding head injuries, that's not fair. And am I the only one who enjoyed Chelios getting his bell rung on his own accord. With as many elbows as he throws, I just enjoyed the irony of him running into someone else's.

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