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01-14-2008, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
When the season started, HBO was definetely a typical 4th line. But the way they have played smart postional defesne and check along with being physical, means they can be a little more then ut a 4th line if need be (and we have had that need). Unfortunately, scoring will be minimal..The best case scenario in my mind is that the DDP line or whatever version of the 3rd line we have can indeed score and play SOME D to go along with their skating ability. And if the HBO line keeps playing the way they have, these two lines would give us alot of options depending on the opponent and matchups..

You mean non-existant? Let's be real guys. Hollwegs two goals the other night were an aberration. His second goal went off a face and a goalie glove for crying out loud. You CAN NOT use this line as a third line. They CAN NOT be getting as much ice time as they do. I love Renney and I'm one of his biggest supporters but this is one of his biggest problems. You need your top three lines to be able to score goals. The fourth line CAN NOT and WILL NOT do that on a consistent basis. 94now, I don't care how well they forecheck or keep the puck in the zone or play defense or any of that. That's what your FOURTH line should be doing. When we're struggling and we need to try and get momentum back, that line goes out and tries to change thing. They have a role on this and every team. And it's NOT to be playing 13 minutes a night. I don't see how anyone can defend Renney's use of this line when in lots of games where we fall behind, this line still gets consistent ice time. When this team falls behind by a couple goals you CAN NOT give this line a regular shift and expect to come back and win a game. It seems like they're on the ice every other shift in most cases and this is more than too much. Look at the Lightning game. Renney was obsessed with matching that line with that Lecavalier line and it was as if our 4th line was on the ice the entire first and second period. Do you think John Tortorella really cared? You think he was sweating bullets because Renney was willing to match his top line with the HBO line? Give me a break, he was thrilled. In the THIRD period is when Renney had no choice but to put our top lines out there and we should've come back to tie it if this team could just convert one of multiple powerplays at the end. THAT'S HOW THIS TEAM SHOULD FLOW EVERY GAME. Even Gomez made a comment last week about riding these top lines. You can't put the fourth line out there as much as we do and expect to win hockey games. It just won't happen. You've got to put your best players on the ice the most and let them win games for you. And also, the DDP line showed just as much ability forechecking and controlling the puck. Prucha and Dubi are fearless.

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