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04-11-2004, 11:36 PM
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Worst Commentators Ever!

Don Wittman and Glenn Healy.

Game 1, they were, too no surprise, boring. And since the Bruins dominated, couldn't say enough about what the Bruins did right. I understand, that's how commentating works, applaude what the winning team does right, point out where the losing team went wrong.

Game 2, I don't know, since the Habs lost, I switched to SRC, perhaps to have better luck.

Game 3, this is where I have the problem. Montreal played a great game, a few defensive laps, missed scoring opportunities here and there, to be expected of every team. But to hear the commentators, Montreal is lucky to be even skating on the same ice as the all Mighty bruins, according to them, who have gotta be the greatest team to hit the ice since the beginning of time.
Any positive thing we did in the game, was pretty much referred to as luck by these two zeros. Never have I seen in a leafs broadcast, the announcers make a specific point on a missed call that lead to a goal, complete with replays, like we care, or that it could change the result.
Personally, I have no opinion on the Ribeiro thing, because the only person that honestly knows what happened is Mike, but for Glenn Healy too accuse Ribeiro of faking it what 2 seconds after it happened is downright inexcusable, I mean How the hell do you know, you are 500+ feet away from the ice.
Honestly the only good thing I heard was that umm...Kovalev finally woke up, and Brisebois is the only remaining member of the 1993 Cup winning team. HELLO?? Montreal Won the Game! And it's not as if I can change the channel now, Montreal won while I was watching these *******s.
And I haven't even touched on the second coming of christ, AKA Andrew Raycroft. PLEASE OH PLEASE CBC, GET SOME BETTER ****ING COMMENTATORS!!

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