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01-14-2008, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
That's a joke. Parise didn't score much his rookie year, after that there's no question he's been better than Gomez.

He wasn't. Look at the stats. less that 0.5 ppg in our cup years. And that's playing with Mogilny, Elias, and Gionta.

Lol, the honeymoon is still going, but just wait 'till he starts moping his way around the ice like he always ends up doing. You think you hate Malik?

Yeah, he was good on the Devils; but I'm kind of glad he's gone, he was basically poison for team chemistry. Doesn't look like we miss him too much.
? How is he better after his rookie year? First off, Gomez got 70 in his rookie year, Parise couldn't do ****, you act like it's the leagues fault and he gets a pass for not scoring in his rookie year, OK? That just says Gomez is better for adapting quicker and being a better play.

After that Parise is better? How, exactly? 62 points his next year? Nope, that's not better than Gomez, sorry.

Oh and this year, Gomez has one more point in two more games, so unless you know the future and know that within the next two-three Devils games Parise is going to get a few points and surpass Gomez, how is he better now? Okay then.

Ok, cup years, Gomez averaged less than 0.5 PPG, that's 1999-2000 and 2002-2003. Correct? Yep.

1999-2000 Gomez Season: 19-51-70 in 82 GP, 0.85 PPG
1999-2000 Gomez Playoffs: 4-6-10 in 24 GP, 0.42 PPG

2002-2003 Gomez Season: 13-42-55 in 80 GP, 0.69 PPG
2002-2003 Gomez Playoffs: 3-9-12 in 24 GP, 0.5 PPG

If you were referring to playoffs, then I can understand what your trying to say but uhm that still means he's a big part of your cup?

How do you think you get to the playoffs? By playing good in the regular season. 125 points in two seasons to get there, and 22 points good for two playoff runs to the cups. No, he's not a big addition at all, I suppose everyone on the team had a bigger team impact than Gomez because they didn't sign with the Rangers.

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