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01-14-2008, 07:19 PM
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some nights it actually hurts to watch us play... the last two nights have been two of those nights..

...for those that say things like we didn't play hard, well you're wrong, we did play hard.. in fact we play hard night after night after night with this team.. hand that to them, the effort is there... we don't always play well, but we're always hustling and playing hard.. i think many continually overestimate the talent we have, and therefore when we don't win, they just them assume we must not have played hard.. but you're wrong if you think that..

it's painful to see us work so hard, to generate as many scoring chances as we do, and not be able to finish them off after we work so hard to get them... that's the really frustrating part, we grind and hustle and generate scrums and have the puck on sticks with goalies all in a tizzy.. and then cann't knock the puck in the net to save our lives.. i would bet, that of our 44 games this year, we have had more scoring chances than our opponents 30-35 times.. at least... and yet we've only figured out how to win 21 of those games.. that's the truly frustrating part when you're living and dieing with this team

that lack of finishing so many nights, that in turn highlights every failure in the defensive end or every soft goal our goalies might allow... then we come out some nights and bury 5 chances, and look like we're an offensive powerhouse.. maddening, to have lost so many low scoring games, when you know this team has to win low scoring close games to have a chance to make the playoffs..

we generate the scoring chances thru hard work, but don't have the talent to finish enough of those chances as many mights as we need.. we work and work and finally get a goal, and then give up one.. boom.. where we make a mistake and the opponent makes a pass and a shot almost without breaking a sweat... we have very little true counterattack ability, because our team speed is limited, and we almost never genarate any odd man rushes anymore.. this is the maddening thing, we basically have erat, legwand, and nichol with speed.. and nichol cann't finish, and legwand is buried in deep playing defense.. so we almost never get odd man rush easy type goals.. if we ever get an easy one, it has to come directly off the forecheck stealing the puck back in their end

right now i'm frustrated.. how could a pred fan not be?.. it feels like our chance is slipping away as you watch lost shoulda/coulda points dribble by... of course, OT losses always feel worse than they are.. hard to process that these two lost shootouts got us two points in two nights, just as if we'd won one and lost one... of course it hurts just as bad to see on the flip side we've given CHI and CLB tow each, two of the teams we have to somehow find a way to beat out..

well the sun will come up tomorrow.. and we'll have still have two games left on this little homestand.. but we have to start winning... and it needs to be this week.. it's getting late

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