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04-12-2004, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsolution
2 days later :

"After a dismal performance in game 4 Theo guaranteed he'd win game 5 by himself."

This is getting old... fast.
Holy ****, I couldn't hate the guy more. It's always like if the team and Theodore are TWO different things. Well, they lost because of a weak goal, they said that it's a team loss. Then he steps in the locker room and says he's gonna win one by himself. If I were Saku, I'd break my stick on this stupid mother ****er's head. They win as a team and Theodore is just a part of it. He gets all the credits, but he will never get the blame. Get the guy out of town asap.

Today, people are saying that Theodore closed the door at the end of the game when the bruins were 6 on 5. But, if it was another goalie, the score would be 3 to 0 or 1 and that save wouldn't be all that important. That Rolston goal frozen the team and it could have put the team into deep shiat. I mean, you're up 3 to 1 and you gave up a softie in the playoffs. You know want, you have 95% of the chance to give the opposite team the mommentum. In other words, he woke up the bruins and gave them the chance to come back. It sucks. My heart was pumping at the end of the game, I wasn't sure that the game was in the pocket. But the way the TEAM played, it shouldn't even have gone that far. All you need is a goalie that covers a lot of angles, is stable and will make a gamebreaking save from times to times. Theodore is not that. He does the same ammount of gamebreaking saves as every other nhl #1 goalie but he does also let much more softies in. You know what, I know who's that stable goalie we need... He's dirt cheap too. He won't cost the habs a lot because he's already with us. The question we should ask is, do you rather have a very good starter at arround 2 millions or a overhyped goalie at 6-7 millions? Their names are respectively Garon and Theodore.

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