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04-12-2004, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by jacklours
But why is that such a big deal, he made a mistake and that sucks, but SO WHAT. Just let go. Who never did a bad mistake in their lives?. I scored in my own net in OT, i missed an open net more than once in OT. Geez I even went as far as fighting a girl when I was 5 (I'm not so proud of that though, and I DIDN"T KNOW AT THE TIME SHE WAS A GRIL!!!!!!). In the end, it probably was better for me as I learned more, and well, now it's a funny story that comes out every time my friends are drunk. It's disapointing, but just get over it and get excited for next game. I still enjoyed last game even though Theo let a bad goal in. Hey, next game is gonna be even better, just enjoy it like I will.

you didnt know she was a girl?!
do explain
i want to hear that story

as for theo, kovy and koivu
saku is paid to setup others (look at kovy's first goal, saku was in PERFECT position to shoot and could have EASILY done so but he stopped and passed the puck back to kovy to bury it) and lead the team on and off the ice, something he does very damn well.
theo has let in some softies for sure but he is due for a bounce-back game as is his style.
and finally kovy scored 2 huge goals and should have more fire now.

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