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01-15-2008, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Jokeri View Post
I like them! The latest album is a master piece. Some old fans don't like the poppish sound of the new singer but live they are good and the sound not so poppish.
i dont have a prob with the new singer or if she sounds pop-like, i think its just that i havent gotten used to it yet. i have the album on my ipod, but i normally just play amaranth since that song is good. im sure the album is fantastic, those guys are musical geniuses. as for anette vs tarja, i loved tarjas operatic voice. it turned ho-hum songs into sincere and personal ones. anette too has a great voice(and shes hot) as well but its night and day difference. i do understand why they wanted to go in another direction and not get another similar singer to tarja. i think i just have to listen to it more and then ill like it better

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