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01-15-2008, 11:56 AM
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Best Training Products

I recently bought a Power Builder and a Leg Trainer from

I've been using the Power Builder for 3 days and I can already shoot harder, and I've ALWAYS HAD A ****IN ****** SHOT, It ****ing works beautifully and is SO fun to use. The leg trainer is kinda tricky to use since I got the highest resistance level, but I can tell after lots of usage it is a huge benefit and a great workout!

There's a detailed explanation on every product that sold me on it, and it should for you so check that **** out.

You can also use the cords for a lot of stuff like bicep curls, tricep workouts, and stuff, the off-ice training program is completely free!! I honestly recommend ANYONE who really wants to improve to buy a power builder and leg trainer so you can fully use the off ice training program! Buy this **** now!!

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