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04-12-2004, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by mmbt
I just don't understand this. Why should he be GIVEN anything? He should have to earn it. Hey, I like Chistov, but you don't promote a guy to the first line when he fails to produce all year long. It's not as if Chistov didn't get PLENTY of opportunity on the PP earlier this year, and he was even playing with the Ducks' more proven scorers for a while and he still couldn't find the back of the net.

If he has a great camp, then we'll talk. Until then, he'll have to earn an NHL job in camp, nevermind get handed a 1st line gig.

That's just not how it works. This is the big leagues, you earn a shot at a scoring role by putting up points despite a smaller role. It's not a charity where you try to make struggling players feel good. The only time completely unproven offensive guys are put in big offensive roles are when a team sucks.

You don't stick a kid with 2 goals on your first line or a checking center as your 2nd line pivot, just like you don't make a .200 hitting prospect into your cleanup hitter, a kid with shaky confidence your closer, or a scatterarmed rookie your starting QB. Not unless you're more concerned with developing players than trying to win games.

Very unlikely. Lou may be a cheap, vindictive ******* sometimes, but he's still the best GM in the league; he's not stupid, he knows that he still needs Niedermayer.

Again, unlikely. At least not without creating as many holes as you plug.

Smyth and Niedermayer are both so unlikely. Unfortunately they're both exactly what this teams needs.

Otherwise, I don't necessarily agree with your assessment of Chistov. I think you're right, in MOST cases players don't get handed the first line job. However, I think we often get too caught up in the labelling of lines, 1st to 4th. Its not so much that playing on the first line should be considered a promotion, its just wherever the players fit in best. The only real promotions are the ones from Cincy to Anaheim. With Chistov, if he gets a promotion from Cincy to Anaheim, it had better be to play on one of the top two lines. Its simply where the player fits in best. Especially on this team, a job on the checking line isn't necessarily a demotion for some guys, because often times its the team's most important line and gets a good deal of ice time. In most cases players don't get placed on lines to boost confidence or develop skills, but I think at the beginning of the season its not entirely surprising to see a guy who hasn't performed before at this level, be placed upon a line due to his skill set. Chistov obviously has a first line skill set, and if he's ever to succeed in the NHL, this is where it must be done. Nothing should necessarily be handed to him. He has to come in to fall and have a very good camp. But, should that happen, I tend to think he should be played with one of the offensive lines. Not simply because he deserves to have a first line job handed to him, but because thats simply where he fits in best, and where he's most likely to help the team the most.

Just a slightly different way of looking at it really.

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