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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
First of all, Pierre Larouche had 8 pts in 9 games. Not exactly a great production, but not terrible, either.

Second... Guy Lapointe was not only banged up, but he also played only 2 games in the whole playoffs.

In fact, the slight drop in Larouche production was timed with a huge production from 2/3 remains of the Kid line, who had 12 and 11 pts. Even the D's posted some rather good numbers in those playoffs, and the G's weren'T bad --- a 3,00 GAA isn't awful...

What happened? I don't know. I wasn't there back then, but the numbers tell me that the Habs fell in a slumber... and that Herron and Larocque (probably Herron, as Larocque lost only one game in those playofs, against 3 for Larocque) were outplayed by Maniago/Beaupré.
Ouch. Wrong eras for those goalies. Meloche/Edwards were the goalies. Maniago came before and Beaupre after this tandem.

The Stars had a very good #1 line that year with Bobby Smith centering Al MacAdam and Steve Payne. This was a line that Montreal had a lot of trouble to contain. Tim Young centering Steve Christoff and Tom McCarthy provided some good secondary scoring while Craig Hartsburg (whose potential HOF career was cut short by injuries) played a big role. Another role player who will never get the recognition he deserved but played a big role was journeyman Fred Barrett who played the series of his life and looked like an all-star defensive defenseman throughout that series.

I believe it was the final game, when the Montreal goalie (I want to say Larocque but my memory is a little fuzzy) came way out to play the puck and from the corner hit his own goalpost and the puck went in the slot where only a Stars player was skating for one of the easiest goals you'll ever see from that spot.

Without Dryden, Cournoyer, Lemaire, Lapointe, Savard, Mondou, Risebrough and Lafleur for the entire series, the Habs were not the same team that had won the four previous Stanley Cup.

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