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01-15-2008, 03:04 PM
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I have a bauer one90 and a warrior dolomite. I prefer the bauer one90.

I can't feel the puck at all with the warrior. Seems too hollow almost plastic like. Although it is light weight. The shots were decent. Many people tell me warriors are prone to breaking easily.

On my bauer one90 the puck feel is great. All I used to use was wood sticks back in the 1990's. The transition to the bauer from wood was an easy one when it comes to the feel of the puck. My shots are much heavier with the bauer. Maybe it's because of the low-mid kick point. Where as on wood sticks they are all mid point flex (like the ak-27).
The weight is a tiny bit heavier with the bauer. I don't mind. It feels like you have more control over the puck, rather it controlling you.
I've had the one90 for about 8 months now. The durability is outstanding.

So in short. Go for Bauer

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