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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Can you elaborate on "interesting"?
It means just that. My first impression is... "Interesting" ... it's a catch-all phrase for what piques my interest, perhaps because I don't know what to think about the value of the player, don't know the player, am conflicted about relative worth, am of two minds somehow or simply find them worthy of more consideration by myself.

Goldsworthy is not an interesting pick. I knew he'd go early and so I decided not to put him on my list of possibles as he's a right winger with several pretty good candidates at that position on my list I wouldn't have drafted him before the 4th round, by which time of course he'd be gone.

Cude is interesting because he was a late round third stringer by stat-junkie pnep a couple of main drafts ago and i recall he had a couple of all-star selections and was a little guy from a long time ago. I'm not sure what to make of him as a starter. Interesting. Would like to hear more about him, think about it.

Tommy Smith is from the earliest era and I don't get a clear sense of how he'd do in an all-time context, how good was he compared to his contempories? Hmmm..

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