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04-12-2004, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Orange
I agree that Axxy's pain was genuine, but so was Ribeiro's. Maybe Ribeiro's injury was not as bad as it looked, but he was freaked out for real. You could see the swet from the contractions on his face when he was sitting on the bench. I don't care if the buins fans will beleive it or not, but Rib didn't fake anything.

Also, how can someone consider that diving into someone else's legs is a perfectly legal move ? It's the bane of most sports, but for McGillis it's ok ? It was completely irresponsible. McGillis saw Begin coming in full speed and droped to his leg level. He was not blocking a shot, he was trying to play the puck with every means necessary ... including dirty ones. For crying out loud, some people make it sound like it's Begin's fault ! On that play, he was the only one playing hockey the way it was meant to be. I don't think McGillis is a dirty player, but on that play, he had a lapse of judgement !
Didn't Koivu did the same to Lapointe during these series?

Begin did extend his hand, didn't he? If difference in the size was in Begin's favour it could be in McLaren/Zednik accident all over again but now it's "ONLY" concussion.

Should I based on these and some other things (like checking Raycroft hands with a stick by Zednik and Ribeiro on 2 different plays) call Canadiens a dirty team? Should I?

My strong belief is unless you can call your team's play absolutely CLEAN (never happens in hockey) you can't call another team DIRTY.

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