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04-12-2004, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Mooch
By intimidated i dont mean he was scared to death to go around hitting people. What i mean is he may have thought twice about hitting someone, instead of just running them over. Thats what he did in the first two game, but last night he seemed very quite. Plus how do you no that Lapoint isnt afraid of Langdon?
Im sure too he isnt, but we dont know for sure. Perhaps Langdon had some kind of effect.
Okay, here's my idea of Langdon's effect on our physical play:

"C'mon Zeds, finish that check."
"Way to go River!!!"
"Hammer those guys on the boards!"
"All right Begs. See guys, just like that, just like that."
"Wardie, yeah! That's the ticket."

Etc. If Langdon intimidates his own teammates into playing bigger (I mean, they'll have to look him in the eye on the bench and in the dressing room), then maybe that's his effect? I can't see any Bruin being afraid of Langdon specifically, but I can see it if I'm a Hab, and there's this great guy you like and respect on the team, and you kinda want to play good physical hockey to make him proud. And then if many Habs are picking up their physical play, and I'm a Bruin, maybe I'm hearing footsteps more often and getting a bit more generally cautious.

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