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04-12-2004, 02:07 PM
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It is really sad that the day we have an incredible performance by Kovalev and a very good performance by the team, no merit was given to the team and Kovy and everything on 100 stupid people and a bad acting performance by Ribeiro. The problem with the Ribs incident is that he laughed on the bench, he should've just pretend like all the players do when they're at their bench and comeback right over but he's too bad of an actor or too stupid to do that.

That freakin' booing think pisses me off. It can't be political 'cause the Canadian Anthem was applauded as hell and people we're all signing along, I've never seen that here and we all know that we have as well an history for booing our own anthem you know the reasons why. We applauded our anthem to show support for the habs, we booed theirs to show that we were against them, it's still not correct but it's not political. If an anthem is political, then it shouldn't be played before an hockey game.

As far as being classless, I don't have any lesson to take from people that think that we shouldn't see a boob on TV but corpses being mutilated that's fine. And I'm not talking about that ''Blame it on Canada campaign'' that most americans find hilarious and all the problems we have with the relations with our beloved ''neighbour''.

This is hockey, this is a mix between hard fought play, nice action, bad referees that we like to criticize, and fans that sometimes are real important to the team but could be morons too because they're human.

In Boston, there's no morons in the stand, 'cause they're no one in the stands....

Let's get in on and talk about HOCKEY! (See, i did the same thing, wanted to talk about hockey and couldn't resist the temptation....blame it on me)

Go Kovy!
Go Habs!

Let's make it 2-2

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