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Originally Posted by TheMetalChick View Post
What is he, 33? 34? 35? Something like that. Regardless, he is a bit OLD to start sewing his name on the US jersey and banking on him putting the entire olympic team on his back, dont you think? How old will he be?

No problem. Guerins a good guy, I happen to like him a lot and Im happy he is on the team. But he also happened to have had a career year last season. He is on pace for maybe 28 goals this season and not even 50 points. If thats your only 1st liner and he is playing with guys like Richard ParK, what does that say about the team? And about a team with lots of supposedly all-star calliber players who are doing just as good as they are?

Regardless, the Bruins dont deserve to have three players there. If they had 3 actual all stars they would not be sitting down with the Islanders!

Nope- Thomas is not there because Brodeur, Rick, and Vokoun were chosen instead. Lundqvist is more deserving than Thomas, IMHO... and if he was a bit more consistent this season he would be there over Vokoun. Tim is a good goalie but would be lucky IMO if he was the 5th goalie in consideration.
I really dont want to hijack this threas as it is about trading Lundquist to Bruins and not about how good Thomas is. Still, i got some things to say.

First of all, age doesnt matter, its the perfomance which should count. Roloson played for Canada last year and won the WC, aged 37. He was an allstar and Stanley-Cup finalist, though he started playing in the NHL with 27 and became regular starter with 32. So whats the point? What does age to do with carrying a team? And i wrote, if the Olympics were tomorrow, not 2010. Right now Timmah is the best US-goalie, a bit better than DiPietro and a lot better than Miller.

Guerin would still be a 1st-liner on the Boston team. Boston hat one legit 1st liner in Savard, Bergeron is out for the season and played 2nd line. We dont have any 1st line wingers, come on, PJ Axelson plays there. Murray is an old man is injured every second game over last seasons. Boston doesnt have a 2nd or a 3rd defenseman, we have a stud in Chara and a bunch of #4-#5s out there. So its not like Islanders are a miracle and Boston is there it should be. In the HF poll Boston was chosen as the biggest surprise of the season so im not alone out there.

I never said, that Boston deserved 3 players. But, just looking at the stats: Timmah deserves to be there but is not because of DiPietro and Vokoun were chosen by the rule that every team should have one player at the all-star game. This is what it is. Lundquist should be the starter if he played like last two seasons or the beginning of the season but he does not play like that. Timmah was consistent this season, u cant say anything opposite. A couple of weak goals but a lot of huge saves, just like always. 0.930 sv% after 30 games is not a fluke.

And speaking about having 3 all stars in the team... i already said that , Tampa has 4! Lecavalier (reigning Richard winner), Richards (Conn Smyth trophy) and St.Louis(Art Ross, Hart)...dont forget Prospal, scoring on the PPG this season.. and Boyle, a second all-star last year. Still dead last in the division. Ottawa has the same amount of stars in the team, but are the best in the conferense. Its the supporting cast and the coaching, what matters, not the amount of all-star-caliber players.

Once again: big sorry for the rangers fans for flooding this thread, i just wanted to mention my thoughts bout Thomas as he would be the one to be substituted by Lundquist in this trade.

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