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01-16-2008, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by rayearth View Post
What about something like 35% your record + 45% oponents' + 20% last 10 games?

Edit: or 35% your record + 45% oponents' + 10% last 10 games + 10% oponents' last 10?

Edit 2: I now have it like my first suggestion above which puts us at 7.
That one sounds pretty good. I think I'd still prefer something more like 15-20 recent games to throw out any weird recent play, but I think I might be alone in wanting something so large.

Your second suggestion seems a little off to me. I think if you're going down that road it would be better to try something that picks the stretch of ten games surrounding the time you played each opponent (which might be a nightmare to write). If the Flyers didn't play a particular team in the last ten, their last ten probably doesn't mean anything toward the Flyers' ranking.

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