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01-17-2008, 09:25 AM
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Ugggh.... yesterday's shutdown really screwed us to say the least...
Frustrating. No chance in hell we were to skip on Chapman.
I wasn't PM'ed by Agent Dale either (so could have given our pick to someone...). ADC made his pick around 6 PM, I come back roughly around this time. The website went down at this point, and never went up untill this early AM EST. That could have been arranged if I would have been PM'ed === could have sent the pick to some GM's.
Every pick should be voided... Seriously.

Well...he's my official complaint. Something should be down about this, as there was a clear violation of rules + a technical problem making the pick impossible. (I have to go to bed someday, and Jungosi was already there...), which = me and Jungosi being screwed when there was absolutely no fault.

Considering the said problems, the Cincinati Stingers selects
Center Art Chapman.

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