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01-17-2008, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by God Bless Canada View Post
This is the way I've always looked at the draft (even before I joined): the PM is a common courtesy, but it's incumbent on the GM to track the draft (who's been picked and where) and know when it's his turn to pick. In the last draft, I knew that as soon as mullin or the Inmate picked, (barring a trade, or depending on the round) that it was our turn to pick. Period. I didn't need the PM to tell me that. It's up to the GM to remember it's his turn.

Remember, first and foremost, that this is supposed to be a fun thing. I shake my head when GMs spend all this time trying to decide who to pick. There's no money involved, no trophy waiting at the end for the champion. It's just for fun.

We don't need a suspension of the draft. There's at least one or two centres out there who are on Chapman's level. Chapman's a heck of a player, especially in the minor league draft. He was No. 5 on Moose Jaw's wish list for our first two picks. But it's the minor league draft. It's not worth getting upset about.
The site was down. There was no way I could get in, there was no way I could know we were on the clock (and it was midnight for Jungosi when it went down)
Indeed, the draft is supposed to be a fun thing. But you shouldn't get screwed in a fun thing... It indeed takes most of the fun out.

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