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01-17-2008, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by GirardiMyBoy5 View Post

oh really? thats why hes been the most consisten d man out there since his comeback. stop getting on the hate malik bandwagon, i'd like to see him stay over roszival.
I've been driving that wagon for a few years now.

Most consistent? sad that your expectations are so low.

Personally I hate the make up of this team. It doesn't reflect the people or city they play in othe rthan being a diverse group.

I love the Rangers, but hate the style they play, do not believe they have the right people in place to play that defensive system as it forces you to get down and dirty on offence because there's no allowance for offensive creativity. I can't stand the fact that the team is so passive. That's not a NY type personality. I want an in your face kind of team that does the pushing around, not the other way around. I want a fast paced high pressure team that can skate with anyone, with the physical attributes to knock they other team on their arse in the process.

The fact that Buffalo played like crap last night and we barely got a W does nothing to instill any confidence in this team.

The habits that have been developed by this team this season is going to be out downfall.

There's just to many things that I don't like about the way this team is constructed. I can go on for hours.

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