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01-17-2008, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Finnerican View Post
I'm used to very tough competition and I love challenges. In highschool I was able to become the youngest captian our Varsity team has ever had because I played well in challenges.
Oh rly?

Originally Posted by Finnerican View Post
I can't go back to college hockey because I'm afraid I'll suck after my back problems, but I think this is the best league I can get into. What should I do?
Sounds a helluva lot like you are being a chicken **** towards a REAL challenge. Sounds like you didn't want to be a 4th liner busting your ass on a college team so opted to play with the hacks and found out they suck badly to the extent you got bored. Why not follow your own credo, get your ass onto the college team, and challenge yourself to NOT suck but instead succeed. That should help stave off the boredom, and maybe knock that ego down a couple pegs as well.

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